Follow up on the latest improvements andย updates.


Update to the latest version 3.1.6
Removed meeting information from the zoom call
Disable preview screen when joining the call, e.g. participate instantly
If you have an image inside an agenda session description, they are now also shown in the .ics invite when you download the invite for that specific session.
We have fixed an issue preventing users from editing their profiles when they were not inside the event.
We have now made the
location field optional
for sessions in the agenda.
Sessions no longer need to be automatically linked to a default location like the main stage. This enhancement provides greater flexibility in organizing and displaying agenda sessions for diverse event formats.
We've fixed an issue in the attendee list export functionality. Previously, exports did not include custom fields submitted by attendees. This update ensures that all custom fields are now correctly captured in the export.
Alongside the first and last names,
user email addresses
will now be included in the
export of non-anonymous poll results
We've now extended multi-language capabilities to include the event title, further supporting our commitment to multi-lingual event experiences.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 06
The Custom Maps now allow
selecting any common area
of your event as a target destination from a specific area on the map. For instance, you can directly open the Q&A tab, Agenda, or other common areas from the map.
that all areas appear in the selection box, even those not visible to participants. Ensure you enable these areas for participant access.
Updates to Networking Circles:
  • Enhanced background processing for more intuitive interactions.
  • Avatars now automatically zoom in upon participant entry for immediate visibility.
  • Resolved scaling inconsistencies for a smoother user experience.
Enhancements to the PDF Viewer in Rooms:
  • Introduced distinct background colors for each PDF page for better visual separation.
  • Implemented hyperlink support within PDF documents.
  • Enhanced text selection functionality for improved user interaction.
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