Hide labels in attendee profile 🏷️
It is now possible to hide the label of a custom field of the attendee profile when it is shown to inside the event.
For that, in the customization of the ateendees' profile form, there's a new checkbox "hide label on profile" for each field that allows you to hide the label when the profile is show to the other users. By default, all new fields will have the label shown.
Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 08
Improvements in the Polls 📊
We have launched some new improvements in the polls inside the Veertly platform:
  • Filter polls by tag and location
  • Multiple choice polls
  • Standalone results page
Filter polls by tag and location
When creating a new poll, you can specify if it should be available only for users that have a specific tag or are present in a specific location.
  • If both fields are empty, the poll is shared with all users.
  • If the filter by tag is selected, only users that have that tag will be able to see that poll.
  • In the location filter, you can select any area of the event or a category meaning that the poll will only be available to the users that are inside that location. If the user leaves the location, he/she will no longer have access to the poll.
Please note that if both filters are filled-in, the poll will use the "AND" operator, meaning that the user needs to fulfil both tag and location criteria to see the poll. On the other hand, if you had multiple tags or multiple locations, the user will be able to see the poll if it has any of the tags or is in any of the rooms.
Multiple choice polls
You can now allow your attendees to select multiple options in the polls. For that just select the respective checkbox when creating the poll. Please note that once the poll is created, this setting can't be changed.
Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 13
Standalone results page
As a host of the event, you can now see the results of a given poll in a standalone page. This page can't be shared with the attendees as the user needs to be a host of the event, but it allows the host to share it in a screen share or even see the results without participating or closing the poll.
There are three different formats for the poll results: standard bar chart, pie chart and donut chart.
Sort and highlight agenda sessions 🗓
We have launched two new improvements in the Agenda area of your events. You can now:
  • Sort the sessions of the day as your preference
  • Highlight specific sessions in the agenda with your own colors
Sort the sessions of the day as your preference
In the agenda pane of your event, if you are a host of the event, you have now a settings menu at the top which has the option to reorder the sessions of the agenda for the selected day.
When opening this menu, a dialog with all the sessions of the selected day is shown and you can drag and drop to specify the desired order. Please note that after saving this new order, all the sessions will be listed as they are shown. If a new session is added afterwards, it will be added below all the previously ordered sessions.
Highlight specific sessions in the agenda with your own colors
To highlight a specific session you can now do that in the cockpit, in the edit form of the specific session, where we have added two new fields to customize the background color of the session as well as text color.
Reactions for embeddable apps in main stage 👍
It is now possible to have participants sharing their reactions in the main stage in the case it is an embeddable app, similar to the video-calls or live stream player.
Fix automatically allowing registered participants 🐛
We have fixed an issue in the mechanism controlling who can enter the event that was allowing all registered participants to enter the event even if the host hasn't allowed them specifically.
This is now working as expected and if you want to automatically allow your guests to enter the event, you can select that option in the RSVP section of the cockpit.
Fixing audio issues in zoom calls 🐛
With the latest release of Chrome, some users in zoom calls were having their audio not working properly. We have updated to the latest zoom library that fixes those issues.
URL placeholders in the new areas 🪄
Similar to what is already possible in the rooms, you can now use the
URL placeholders in the custom areas
added to the navigation bar.
When adding a custom area, the URL field is now allowing the same placeholders as the rooms:
Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 06
The available placeholders are:
  • __FIRST_NAME__
    - First name of the user accessing the page
  • __LAST_NAME__
    - Last name of the user accessing the page
  • __IS_HOST__
    - Will have 1 if the user is host in the event and 0 if not host
  • __UID__
    - Unique id for this user
Technical check page 🕵️‍♀️
Before joining the event or in case of any issue, we have now a new page that you or your attendees can use to verify the local setup and connectivity to our systems. We have launched a
technical check page
You can access this page here. For white-label partners, you can use your own domain followed by /tech-check to access this page.
In this page we are:
  • Verifying
  • Ensuring
    are granted
  • Allowing the user to test their
  • Connectivity
    with our systems
  • Testing the
We have also adapted the help pane to include a link to this page for easier access:
Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 08
Please note that we are using the M-Lab infrastructure to test the bandwidth of the user. Pleas check their privacy policy here.
Recordings available for 1️⃣ year
Until now, recordings from video calls were only downloadable for 24 hours. We have improved this mechanism to
allow recordings to be downloadable for one year
Please note that the recordings are copied to our storage in the EU zone and persisted accessible through the cockpit page.
Celebration emoji 🎉
On our daily calls on the Veertly platform, we noticed that we were missing an important emoji to share some celebration moments. That's now possible, celebrate together with your attendees by enabling the reactions with the
new celebration emoji
Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 07
If you want to
enable the emoji reactions
, you can do that in the configuration section of the cockpit:
Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 07
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